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There is some sad news out Silicon Valley. Steve Jobs, creator and co-founder of Apple Computers passed away at the age of 56.

What Henry Ford did for the automobile, the Wright Brothers for the airplane, and what Thomas Edison did for the recording industry, Steve Jobs did for the computer.

With his partner Steve Wozniak, he took the computer from a mainframe entity to desk
tops Macs to iPads and iPhones that anyone can hold in his or hers hands. He put the word ‘PERSONAL’ in personal computing. Steve Jobs was the body and soul of innovation. Innovation was ‘Job One’. (Apologies to Ford for the pun). He made us think differently.

He had a big influence in Hollywood as well. Working with Walt Disney Entertainment , he turned Pixar into major movie studio. Think ‘Toy Story’, ‘Cars’, and ‘The Incredibles’.

Think back to January 22, 1984, Super Bowl XVIII. As a Redskins fan, I remember the shellacking the Raiders took to the ‘Skins’.  That’s a different story.  But within that sporting event a commercial aired that got America thinking. The commercial was based on George Orwell’s book ‘1984’. In it, a large audience is being lectured to by ‘Big Brother’ on a giant television screen. Big Brother is talking ‘newspeak’ while a young female athlete is running into the auditorium with a sledgehammer. She is being chased by the ‘thought police’. At the last second, she tosses the hammer into the screen causing it to shatter into an exploding light. Two days later the world was introduced to the Apple Macintosh. That open the door to home computer for the masses. Life in America would never look the same.

That was nearly twenty-eight years ago, my how time flies. Think for a moment, before Apple only commercial institutions like banks, government departments, or universities had access using computers with large mainframes that took up entire floors. Buying such a computer was not in most people’s budget. Steve Jobs changed that. Today pretty much anyone could access just about any information via a keyboard. The pathway to the internet had been opened.

I myself do not own an Apple product. As I type this, I am using a PC. (Toshiba if you are curious) Even as a PC user, whether Apple, IBM, HP, Sony, etc…, his influence is within every personal computer ever made in the past or will be made in the future.

What a shame to lose a great genius. He will be greatly missed.

STEVE JOBS – 1955-2011 RIP

Live Long and Prosper




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  1. Karen Bergh says:

    Well said, DBN! Agree he will be greatly missed. He is being spoken about in the same breath as Edison and Henry Ford. It’s rare that someone has the impact on the world that he has. Jobs’ 2005 Stanford University commencement address was called the Gettysburg Address of commencement speeches on last night’s NBC news.