Remember September 11, 2001

DBN here. On Sunday September 11, 2011 will mark the 10th
anniversary of a day that changed the United States forever. It was a day
that terrorists commandeered four airlines. Two of them were slammed into the World Trade Center in New York City. A third plane went into the side of the
Pentagon in Washington D.C. A fourth plane crashed in the fields of
Shanksville, Pennsylvania. ( It is speculated that the
fourth plane could have been used to attack the White House or the Capital, but
thank to the heroics of the passengers that did not happen.)

I remember the moment it happened. At 530 AM California time, I turn on CNN Headline News. I’m eating breakfast getting ready to go to work. About fifteen minutes later, the anchors break in with the news that there is a fire at the World Trade
Center. They are showing scenes of one of the towers on the mid to upper floors on fire. Suddenly without warning the second jet strikes the second tower right on live TV. I am
totally stunned. The only thing I could say was ‘What the Hell is going on?’

The scenes show of people who were in the building jumping off to escape the flames. We
see the heroic firemen and policemen trying to rescue the victims, then only to
find some of them being buried by debris. Lastly, the unbelievable happens,
both towers collapse in a massive pile of rubble. In all, nearly 3000 people
lost their lives. Their lives were snuff out by selfish ignorant men on some
type of religious mandate.

Empire State Building and World Trade Center: Courtesy -

This tragedy would affect the entire nation and world. I was working for a major
hotel chain in their reservations call center. Right after the incident every
airline in the U.S.was grounded, thus effecting hotel reservations across the world.  Baseball,football, and Nascar events were postponed. The economy took a nosedive. No one was immune from this event.

Pentagon shorty after attack: Courtesy -

The results from it meant extra security procedures, especially at the airports. Now it’s
long lines, take your shoes off, go through metal detectors and body scanners.
If you look or act funny, TSA guys pull you to the side and say ‘hey we want to
talk to you’, and if you miss your flight, tough toenails. If anyone violates
the airport rules, the airport get evacuated and more delays for the flights.

Flag Plant U.S. Flag at Ground Zero: Courtesy -

The other result is people of the Islamic faith are being unfairly scrutinized because
they share the same faith as the hijackers and their Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin
Laden. I ask myself what would Muhammad (peace be with him) the founder of the
Muslim religious say? As I understand it, he was a man of peace, I think he
would have been thoroughly sickened by the lost of life. It seems somebody
forgot his message of peace. Because of that, on May 1, 2011, Osama bin Laden
was turned into fish food by U.S Navy Seals. I don’t relish the thought of
taking another person’s life, but I am happy to see him gone from this Earth.

I mention the buildings collapsing. People were running in the streets of New York when it
happened. The same thing happened in Oklahoma City in April 1995. It reminds me of those horror movies where a giant creature from the sea comes to terrorize the city. Turns
out, the real monster is human trying to get his point across.

It makes me wonder with all this violence are we ever going to get to the 22nd
Century intact.

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