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Good morning, It’s April 16, 2012 the day before the dreaded TAX MAN. How are we today? If you haven’t heard by now we lost a great news journalist in the past week. I talking about CBS 60 Minutes correspondent, Mike Wallace. Many regard him as one of the toughest reporters on television. You can say he was the Jack Webb of newsmen. “Just the facts”. And don’t you try to weasel out it either.

What’s the most memorable interview? He done so many it’s hard to pick one. His career goes back decades. Whether it’s a politician, a certain issue, or even a celebrity, his style was always inquisitive and probing. But there was a gentle, dedicated, and even honest man behind that steely toughness.

We think of him as TV journalist. However his career included being an actor, radio annoucer, game show host, ad spokesman, and stint in the navy during WWII.

In 1968, he and Harry Reasoner along with executive producer Don Hewitt, created the great news magazine 60 Minutes. Every Sunday evening for past 44 plus years, it brought interesting stories to an American Audience and Mike Wallace was there for most of it.

It wasn’t always pretty. There were times that it really nearly wore him out. The aftermath and fallout with the interview of General William Westmoreland nearly destroyed his career and himself. The interview alleged that the General mislead the American People about the efforts in the Vietnam War. Westmoreland fought back and sued Mike Wallace. The suit was so troubling that Mike Wallace considered suicide. But he managed to bounce back and keep plugging away. The last interview he did was with Roger Clemens and issue of his alleged steroid use in 2008.

He will be missed. He gets to meet up Harry Reasnor, Ed Bradley, and Andy Rooney. They could be doing 60 Minutes in a far better place. Thanks Mike for your efforts.

Mike Wallace 1918-2012




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