Heading East

DBN here. Sorry folks for being absent. A lot has been going on with me. I got a bit of news to tell. I going to be making a big move to the east coast. I shall leave California and head for the Nation’s Capitol. You know the city with all those politicians on Capitol Hill who can’t seem to agree on anything.  Good old Washington D.C. Home of monuments, Presidents, museums, and Redskins (who are currently having trouble trying to win a game).

It’s a home coming for me as well. My parents and sister live in the area. I also have few other relatives in city as well. It’s a place I am quite familiar with. Come on November 28th, I will be loaded with a truck towing my beloved Firebird, ( the same one that graces the headline of this blog). It will be a loooooooonnnnng drive. I figure I should be in Washington on December 2nd.

Checking the weather, looks like it will be clear and sunny for the most part. Cooler as I move eastward. I got to make sure I got the right clothes on. Today in Hemet, Califonia,  the temperature was in the upper 70’s and sunny. They are having a warm spell back east. They suppose to have temps in the 60’s tomorrow then cool back off by the time I get to Washington on the 2nd.  Once in Washington, I won’t see 70’s until April, maybe late March. (just in time for Cherry Blossoms Festival)

What will I be doing in Washington? Well one, look for a job and two continue my writing career. I going to make a better effort to make more time for this blog. But I got to eat too.

Thoughts on leaving California. I like the weather here. Where else can you find short winters, have snow in the mountains yet have 70 degrees on the coast in January? Well, I won’t have to worry about wild fires or earthquakes. Wait a minute! Didn’t Washington have a 5.8 a couple of months ago? I just hope the winter weather won’t be like it was in 2009-2010 when they had three major snowstorms of 15 inches plus. I can already feel the pain of my back thinking about having to shovel snow.

As I mention before, it homecoming for me. Except for the weather, I’ve always like Washington D.C. It’s a city you never can be bored with. There is always something to do. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With my family there, I’m excited to be going home. I’m also nervous about the drive. I just want to make it in one piece. So if you see a U-Haul pulling a white 1988 Pontiac Firebird. Don’t hit me. It’s just me trying my best to get home.

Peace on Earth – Happy Holidays to you all.

DBN has spoken.



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